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Dentist in Peterborough Ontario

For years the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) has been promoting the merits of having clean teeth, healthy gums, and a solid oral health routine. It wasn’t so long ago that brushing one’s teeth was the exception not the rule where, without modern care, most adults lost their teeth between 30 to 40 years of age, assuming normal wear and tear. Today, with those modern care dentistry techniques and increased efforts towards oral health, teeth can last your lifetime, so long as they are cared for properly.

Getting a regular professional clean will remove plaque, tartar buildup and staining from your teeth, which is an important part in preventing gum disease and reducing your risk of tooth loss and dental problems. Having a healthy mouth also reduces your risk for: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, lung infections, kidney problems, infertility, preterm birth, erectile dysfunction, and even cancer. At Lakeridge Dentistry, we understand that brushing and flossing your teeth at home is an important first step in maintaining your oral health, while in-office teeth cleanings help remove plaque and tartar buildup that regular brushing and flossing can’t remove on their own. At Lakeridge Dentistry, we recommend that you come in for a teeth cleaning every six months to maintain optimal oral health. Here are a few reasons for regular dental care – in addition to keeping your teeth in your mouth where they belong:

  • Saving Money: Prevention is less expensive than the cure – in this case extensive dental care and dental bills.

  • Fresh Breath: Bacteria and rotting foods in your mouth will start to smell if you do not clean it at least twice a day. Plaque is an accumulation of food and bacteria, which appears in everyone’s mouth, and it needs to be cleaned off regularly to keep your mouth healthy.

  • Prevent Gum Disease: Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums and the first stage of gum disease) is caused by the plaque build-up around your teeth, leading to swollen gums and teeth that bleed when you brush them.

  • Remove Stains: Toothpaste contains mild abrasives that remove debris and surface stains that help to keep your teeth looking fresh and healthy.

Then there are the extended health benefits:

  • Bacteria from your mouth can make its way into your bloodstream and increase you chance of a heart attack or stroke.

  • People with diabetes are more susceptible to serious gum disease, and serious gum disease may have the potential to affect blood glucose control and contribute to the progression of diabetes.

  • Gum disease has been shown to increase the chance of premature birth and low birth weight. It can also be one of the many causes of delayed conception and impotence. So get your mouth and gums healthy first.

  • Poor oral health increases your risk of developing dementia by a third.

Reduce your chance of a heart attack or stroke, diabetes, dementia, and other health risks with a strong oral health program. The CDA recommends that you brush for two minutes, twice a day, to save your teeth and keep your smile looking beautiful. Lakeridge Dentistry in Peterborough believes, like the CDA, that consistent teeth cleaning is an essential aspect of maintaining the health and appearance of your teeth – both at home and with a routine professional teeth cleaning by one of our dental hygienists to gently remove all the plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth. There’s never a bad time to schedule teeth cleaning in Peterborough at Lakeridge Dentistry. As your dentist in Peterborough, we promote oral health and hygiene by providing a variety of services, for kids to seniors including general, restorative, and cosmetic procedures. If you have questions about brushing, flossing, or your overall oral health, contact Lakeridge Dentistry at 705-742-0241 today.


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